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How to make your dating app emails eye-catching?

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The dating app industry is blooming day by day and undoubtfully, in coming-age it will continue to bloom. The dating app industry is able to generate an annual revenue of $3 Billion. According, 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed in a relationship for a long period, met their significant other on adult dating apps.

We all know people who have tried online dating, dating apps are just becoming a new norm for singles who are looking for people to mingle with. It is a more convenient option rather than going to a party or being setup by friends on a blind date. Who wants that kind of hassle in their life when your potential life partner is just a click away on some particular mobile dating app.


But how do these dating app industries digitally market themselves to reach to such a wide range of audience? If you observe the best dating apps for relationships, there is a successful strategic pattern of emails that these app send to their users regularly with effective conversion results. Here are a few tips you could learn that noticeable mutual dating apps utilize in their digital marketing.


  1. Flaunt confidence! Be welcoming and amicable.

Your email template matters. Your emails should be fresh, vibrant and well-defined just like your dating app service. Add a bit flavor to your emails by featuring quirky illustrations, catchy one-liners and attractive content that compels the user to click. This style should be adopted for welcome emails for dating apps because:

  • It is simple! There are no complicated steps or anything, for instance a logo of your social dating app for navigating user to the app while keeping it modest and effectual.
  • Illustrations are always fun, attention-grabbing and an appealing option for welcome emails.
  • Confidence is displayed through boldness. Keeping the text format large yet simple is never boring, in fact it makes it easier for the user to read and understand the content better rather than reading flashy font with small text.



  1. Individualize yourself from others! Make your user feel special.

Personalizing is the key! Tempt the user to log in back to the mobile dating app by showing recent matches. Display a call to action option along with new profiles. This allows the user to take instant action and view the profile immediately through the email. This is personal and an employable style because if your whole email is a clickable correspondence from top to bottom, this increases your chances of getting more sign-ins on the dating app and sets your app apart from the rest.

Send a Survey-email to your users! Ask them about their experience regarding new dating apps. Also ask them how their matches and experience on the mobile dating app can be improved. Many top dating apps incorporate this feature in their emails. This simple and easy strategy attracts users to engage with the dating app by responding to simple survey questions.



  1. Look modern and sophisticated! Show more intimacy in your messages.

All mature dating apps have profiles with pictures. Good-looking and attractive pictures on profiles get more likes and matches unquestionably. Give the same photo-driven and sophisticated exterior to your emails. As mentioned earlier, incorporate simple layout for your emails but along with that you can add GIFS and headers. Keep the background subtle by using light colors, this makes the email look quirky and classy at the same time.

Improvise new technology in your emails! For example, many best dating apps use screenshot style GIFS to show snippets, profiles and pictures from the dating app to the user. This gives the user a small yet an appealing view of the app and makes the email look modern.

Utilize landscape or other similar pictures apart from pictures from dating profiles in your emails. For instance, if a person is using NYC dating app, add a basic classic style New York city photo in the header to make it the email look cool and personalized.

Use cute illustrations for displaying links, options or icons in the email. By adding this sweet little touch, user will be compelled to click on the icon even more.




  1. Don’t stop at pictures and illustrations. Get creative with content as well!

Many of the top dating apps don’t just rely upon visuals for attracting the users towards their adult dating app. The also give the same amount of priority to content in the email along with creative pictures and illustrations.

Text organization is significant to your emails. Go all out on the text headers! Keep the titles bold and in all-caps but organized to add substance to text. Even if the email has a lot of content that user doesn’t have time to read, at least your headers will be striking.

Give importance to linked text. You want the user to click on it so why not make it customized. Add calligraphic style and originality. Please don’t add the links in simple word blue-underlined text format. Your dating app needs to be up to date with millennials of today.

What your write in your email is important! Get imaginative. Add a little comic flavor to it that would make the user smile while going through it. If you want to be a little extra, go ahead. Use emojis, jokes and appropriate slangs to appeal to the user. It might seem a little cheesy, but it will definitely make your mobile dating app look different than the rest.



So, conclusively your dating app digital marketing should comprise of:

  • Simple yet creative style!
  • Regular emailing but by using different data and content for emails
  • Visual eye-candy appearance with pictures and illustrations
  • Get personal with your users
  • Organized text and imaginative content



The best dating apps employ these simple tricks in their digital marketing. This is the core reason why millions of users sign up or keep their subscription constant. Building an email doesn’t have to take days — with iConnect, it takes minutes.

If you’ve played around with other email marketing platforms before, iConnect will hands-down be your favorite — and not just because you can call, email, or chat with our support team when you have a question.



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