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How To Propose With a Chocolate Diamond Ring

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Proposals for marriage has dramatically evolved over the past decade. The common ideal of a proposal normally consists of the guys presenting a diamond-engagement-ring in some fancy looking box, all whilst bowing on one knee. Sadly, this figment of stereotype is a practice in which we all someone have engraved into our minds, almost 80% of the United States population believes that in order to propose you would need to give that special someone a diamond-engagement-ring. This believe system has been built from consistent and vigorous combinations of marketing tactics in which encouraged and persuaded men to believing that an wedding cannot be done with a wedding ring exchange.

Today, this believe system is still some-what exists today in most societies. Many countries had also adopted the tradition of giving a diamond ring to the person whom you love the most. The diamond is said to resemble the strength of the couples love in relation to the strength of a diamond its properties and the duration of how long a diamond can last without deterioration. The size of the diamond is a representation of how much you love that person. For some people these factors are vital facts that co-exists in some peoples relationships, whilst others are just more prone to follow the common ways of proposing for marriage.

Over in the past few seasons, it’s been noted that some couples think outside of the box. Creativity has grown exponentially and we even see these unique ideas of proposals in TV shows, movies and other major social media platforms. Some decide to get special requests done whilst going to watch a baseball game, some leave a wedding ring inside the glass in which is served to “her” whilst dinning in a fancy restaurant. Whatever the case maybe, proposals are a special moment and you should always consider something beyond what others have done. In this post, we will be discussing some of the best ways to propose with a chocolate diamond ring.

Propose To Her On Valentine’s Day  

Nothing is more special then the two spending the evening together under lamp of romance during Valentine’s Day. However, it can be even a greater day by proposing to “her” with a chocolate diamond ring on Valentine’s Day! Now you can include the chocolate diamond ring with the box of heart chocolates that you plan to give to her!








                                                   A Proposal On A Monument

(Image Accredited by: CharBeck)

Ever been to the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris? Well, not a lot of people can afford to take that trip, but if you can and you are planning to propose to “her” with a chocolate diamond ring, consider visiting the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris. Paris is country that is considered to be a “romance-hub”. Some of the most romantic historical events occurred in France, Paris and the original tongue-kissing technique merged from France, labeling it the “French-kiss”. Apart from historical movements, the Eiffel Tower is more than just a tourist hot-spot. It is also a central-hub for couples to spend the evening on a romantic setting, enjoying each other’s company. Proposing for marriage with a chocolate diamond ring at the top of the Eiffel Tower isn’t just spectacular, but it is also memorable and original that will keep this special moment trapped in her heart forever!

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