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Important Questions to Consider Before Hiring Mobile App Developer

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In today’s quickly changing IT world, nearly every coder or programmer claims to be an app developer.  However, when an individual or a company thinks of hiring one, the aim must be to hire reliable and experienced mobile application developer – an individual who can produce quality work within the given deadline.  People look for an app developer because the process of app development is quite complex that can’t be perform be by an individual with no knowledge about programming.


Before hiring an individual for app development, it is wise to chalk out important questions. Make sure you check clientele and previous projects before hiring them for work.


Obviously, you have better idea about your product therefore; it will be good if you share your vision with the app designer, in this way he will come up with right pricing plan.  There is a range of apps with cool design and pretty interface, but that doesn’t mean they will go with your product features.  In order to get successful app, make sure your app includes quality and error free codes. In other words, the mobile app development company must comply with given design guidelines.  These days, nearly every company is outsourcing their app development projects because it is one cost efficient method of getting fully functional and quality mobile app. Outsourcing app development projects have their own advantages, but in this post you will read about some important questions that should be asked before hiring mobile app designer.


What type of app development framework they use?

Think twice before hiring the app designer if he/she heavily relies on open-source. There is no harm in using open source, but usage of this framework only may cause issues. The level of fragility and complication may increase.


 For how long have they been developing apps?

This is the most common question asked when looking for an app developer. You need to hire well experienced and professional developers because they know the importance of executing everything systematically.


Reference check is important therefore ask for references!

In order to ensure if app developer is truthful and reliable ask for references. It will give you better idea about their work behavior and personality. Also, you will know about capabilities of the developer.


What do they know about API Capabilities?

The developer you hire must have an idea about Android’s and Apple’s API, API can efficiently be used to enhance app’s functionality.


What do they know about design guideline – both Apple & Android?

Apple follows strict design guidelines; they reject apps that don’t meet the criteria. Surely, you wouldn’t want your app to get rejected.  If we talk about Android, the case is pretty different, it accepts almost every type of app. Ensure the developer you hire have the knowledge about design rules of both platforms.


How they test the app?

In order to rectify bugs and errors, it is important to test the app. A Freelancer normally test the app using TestFlight while a mobile app development company use GitHub – professional software or app testing.


What do they know about IDE Tools?

The developer you hire should be familiar with the all the IDE tools.  App’s security may be at risk if the developers don’t use any of the IDE tool. Also, it would be difficult to find errors and bugs in the app.


Can they add money making features?

Hire someone with expertise to add money making features in the app.  You can choose pay-per- revenue or you can also provide free app with integration of in app purchases, display ads, subscription services etc. Make sure the developer has the ability to develop these features.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, but these questions can help you hire expert and professional app designer.

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