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Influencer marketing trends 2018

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Relatively new but promising, influencer marketing fared well last year. Trends, however, are rarely ever static. Let us see what is happening on the influencer marketing platforms and how this type of marketing will fare this year. Was last year a onetime thing? Will such marketing strategies even survive this year or let alone thrive?

Will influencer marketing be a yay or a nay?

This article will answer all your queries. Let’s find out.

Instagram to stay put

Instagram fared as the top social influencer marketing platform last year and has shown a growth spurt this year too, up till now. We think it is a safe bet to say this social media platform will stay put throughout the year. If you are thinking of joining the Instagram bandwagon, go ahead.

However, as is recommended by the old and wise to not put all eggs in one basket, we think it would be a great idea to invest in other potential platforms too.  Even if to just establish visibility.

Making people your ambassadors

This infographic quiet literally spells it out for us: people are more willing to buy products endorsed by regular faces.

The regular faces mentioned in the above stat could be interpreted as people with a close knitted group of followers who value what the person has to say. In contrast to pop stars and celebs, these people are more valued and seen as authentic. When they tell something, people listen instead of chalking it up as another ad.


You have a social media influencer.

Considering how people do pay heed to what internet celebrities have to say, it would be a foolish step to disregard their importance in creating brand awareness. Targeting these people can help companies gain a potentially loyal stream of long-term customers. This year is definitely a good time to hunt for an influencer marketing agency.

Using the tools

A great statistic to read: Twitter influencers can help raise brand purchasing decisions by a massive 5.2X.

It’s a great statistic that points out the importance of this marketing strategy. It is blatantly obvious the trend will survive at least if not flourish – we have all agreed.

But the Big Question remains: how to access these so-called authority figures? The answer is influencer marketing companies.

Equipped with influencer marketing software, many such companies and agencies offering these services make use of influencer search engine. These search engines sift through a big database of authority figures that can help teams make their marketing strategy a success.

All in all, at the risk of sounding like a broken record we will conclude by saying there is yet to see a negative trend. So influencer marketing is a definitive yay.

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